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Cats - The golden years of Dutch pop music (2 cd's)

CD 1

01 Jukebox

02 Goodbye my love

03 Somewhere over the rainbow

04 I’m ashamed to tell

05 Ave Maria no morro

06 A fool never learns

07 What a crazy life

08 Hopeless try

09 Vive l’amour

10 But tomorrow

11 Sure he’s a cat

12 Without your love

13 What’s the world coming to

14 How could I be so blind

15 Turn around and start again

16 Remember the good times

17 Times were when

18 I like the way

19 Lea

20 I gotta know what’s going on

21 Why

22 Mandy my dear

23 Scarlet ribbons

24 To-day

25 Marian

26 Somewhere up there

27 Magical mystery morning

CD 2

01 I walk through the fields

02 Where have I been wrong

03 The greatest thing

04 Don’t waste your time

05 It’s over now

06 One way wind

07 Country woman

08 Let’s dance

09 I’ve been in love before

10 Vaya con dios

11 Don’t waste my time

12 Take me with you

13 There has been a time

14 How did you feel

15 Let’s go together

16 Linda

17 Maribaja

18 Time machine

19 Rock & Roll (I gave you the best years of my life)

20 Come on girl

21 Be my day

22 She’s on her own


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Cats - The golden years of the Dutch pop music part 2 (2 cd's)

CD 1 

1: Come sunday 

2: Come on girl (us version) 

3: Mississippi 

4: Hard to be friends 

5: Country woman (us version) 

6: Like a spanish song 

7: Loving arms 

8: Silent night 

9: The wise man 

10: Sweet wine 

11: Night of glory 

12: We should be together 

13: Looking back over my yesterday 

14: Romance 

15: Nobody cares 

16: Save the last dance 

17: Riding train 

18: Cindy 

19: Morning light 

20: Lucky star 

21: Lorene 

22: She was too young 

23: Nashville 

CD 2 

1: The end of the show 

2: Irish 

3: White christmas 

4: A letter 

5: Trying to explain 

6: La diligence 

7: El paso 

8: Stay in my life 

9: Silent breeze 

10: Love is a golden ring 

11: If i could be with you 

12: Lovers don't talk 

13: Cancisn de la sierra 

14: Second pair of eyes 

15: Latin lovers 

16: A love like yours (live) 

17: Classical waves 

18: She's so in love 

19: I'll find my way back to you 

20: Hooray for michael 

21: Call me 


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Cats, The Aglow (cd)

Cats, The


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Cats, The Best of 3 CD (3 cd's)

Cats, The
Best of 3 CD
(3 cd's)


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Cats, The Cats (cd)

Cats, The


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Cats, The Collected (3 cd's)

Cats, The
(3 cd's)


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Cats, The Essential (cd)

Cats, The


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Cats, The Home (cd)

Cats, The


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Cats, The The best years of my life (cd single)

Cats, The
The best years
of my life
(cd single)


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Cats, The Those were the days (cd)

Cats, The

Those were the days



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Christiaan Hof Ze vangt me (cd)

Christiaan Hof
Ze vangt me


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Claw Boys Claw - It's not me, the horse is not me - Part 1 (cd)

  • 1:Suck up the mountain
  • 2:In a while
  • 3:It's not me, the horse is not me
  • 4:Echo echo
  • 5:Polly maggoo
  • 6:Red letter
  • 7:Waiting for the sun
  • 8:Dakota chill
  • 9:Seaweed
  • 10:Shakes
  • 11:Throw me a bone
  • 12:Née oddity
  • 13:Fade


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Claw Boys Claw Hammer (cd)

Claw Boys Claw


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Clouseau Zij aan zij (cd)

Zij aan zij


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Common Linnets (single cd)

Common Linnets
(single cd)


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Conny Vandenbos Hollands Glorie (cd)

Conny Vandenbos
Hollands Glorie


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Cornelis Vreeswijk - Favorieten expres (cd)

  • 1:De nozem en de non
  • 2:Veronica
  • 3:Jantjes blues
  • 4:Misschien wordt het morgen beter
  • 5:De haan en de hen (die nog maagd was)
  • 6:Hopeloos blues
  • 7:Waar gaan we naar toe na onze dood
  • 8:Felicia
  • 9:De bekommerde socialist
  • 10:Damrak blues
  • 11:Ik betover je
  • 12:13-9-73: liedje voor linnea
  • 13:Het mannetje in mijn gitaar
  • 14:Domela blues
  • 15:Leven en laten leven
  • 16:Morgenpsalm
  • 17:Ik wil 't niet pikken
  • 18:Daarom noem ik je "m'n liefste" in een lied
  • 19:Teddybeer (opus ii)
  • 20:Marjolein (opus ii)
  • 21:Rietzeiler blues (opus ii)
  • 22:Bakker de baksteen
  • 23:Autowasserij blues
  • 24:Een fles met tijd
  • 25:Pech gehad
  • 26:Op leeftijd
  • 27:Harder dan ik had gedacht


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Cornelis Vreeswijk Veronica (cd)

Cornelis Vreeswijk


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Corry Hollands Glorie (cd)

Hollands Glorie


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Corry Konings Het beste van (cd)

Corry Konings
Het beste van