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Outsiders - Their complete works (2 cd's)


01 You mistreat me

02 Sun’s going down

03 Felt like I wanted to cry

04 I love her still, I always will

05 Lying all the time

06 Thinking about today

07 Keep on trying

08 That’s your problem

09 Touch (single version)

10 Ballad of John B.

11 Monkey on your back

12 What’s wrong with you

13 Story 16 (live)

14 Tears are falling from my eyes (live)

15 Ain’t gonna miss you (live)

16 I wish I could (live)

17 Afraid of the dark (live)

18 Teach me to forget you

19 Filthy rich

20 I would love you

21 Don’t cry

22 Won’t you listen

23 If you don’t treat me right

24 Summer is here


01 I’ve been loving you so long

02 I’m only trying to prove to myself that I’m not like everybody else

03 Don’t worry about me

04 Bird in a cage (live)

05 Cup of hot coffee

06 Strange things are happening

07 I don‘t care

08 You remind me

09 Misfit

10 Zsarrahh

11 C.Q.

12 Daddy died on Saturday

13 It seems like nothing‘s gonna come my way today

14 Doctor

15 The man on the dune

16 The bear

17 Happyville

18 You‘re everything on earth

19 Wish you were here with me today

20 I love you no. 2

21 Prison song

22 Do you feel alright

23 Daddy died on Saturday (mono)

24 Touch (stereo version)

25 Bird in a cage (live stereo)

26 Wally‘s answering machine


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Oversized (cd single)

(cd single)


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Oversized Kwintsheul- Zevenbergen (cd)

Kwintsheul- Zevenbergen


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Pat Benatar The collection (cd)

Pat Benatar
The collection


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Patricia Paay - The golden years of Dutch pop music (2 cd's)

CD 1
1. No One Can Love You Like I Do
2. Nothing Lasts Forever
3. You Called Me Baby
4. Nobody Else Made Me Cry Before
5. Je Bent Niet Hip
6. Als Dat Zou Kunne
7. Wat Moet Ik Doen?
8. Love In
9. Corriamo
10. Oh, Oh, Wat Was Jij Groen
11. Dat Is De Liefde
12. Dat Hoeft Niet Voor Mij
13. The Harbourlights Patricia Paay - Tambourine Girl
14. The Harbourlights Patricia Paay - Grote Katastrofe
15. Kleine Tovenaar
16. Jij
17. Sim Sala Bim (Boom Bang-A-Bang)
18. Ik Herinner Mij
19. Photograph
20. Fisherman King
21. Tell Me You Never Gonna Leave Me
22. One Huge Road
23. Himalaya - Put Your Hand In The Hand
24. Himalaya - Imagination
25. Honeypie - I Believe In Love
26. Honeypie - Ai, Ai, Ai, He Peeped Through My Window

CD 2
1. Heart - Hang On
2. Heart - Sister
3. Heart - Lovemaker
4. Heart - Beautiful Woman
5. Heart - Stronger
6. Heart - Heartbreak
7. Please Crawl Out Your Window
8. Million Dollars
9. Someday My Prince Will Come
10. That's How Strong My Love Is
11. Now (Is The Moment)
12. How Do You Like Your Fun
13. Who's That Lady With My Man
14. Do The Heavy Disco
15. Livin' Without You
16. Down Town
17. Everlasting Love
18. Love Takes Up My Mind
19. Malibu
20. The Touch
21. Yvonne Keeley Patricia Paay - The Best Friend I Know


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Paul McCartney - Egypt Station - Indie/Limited (cd)

Voor wie met ingehouden adem het album opzet waar de muziekwereld al een tijdje met spanning naar uitkijkt, kan na een uur verwondering opgelucht ademhalen. Zijn smetteloos elastische stem met het ooit zo grote bereik is niet meer, helaas. Maar de passie en het vakmanschap van de 76-jarige meester is nog springlevend. Egypt Station is een zeer geslaagde en creatieve stilistische bloemlezing uit het rijke oeuvre van McCartney, met een voor hem atypische grotere hang naar zijn solocarrière dan naar The Beatles. Happy With You had dan nog een White Album outtake kunnen zijn, maar het energieke Who Cares heeft sterke Wings associaties en People Want Peace, anders dan de dweperige titel doet vrezen een sterke compositie, had niet misstaan op Flowers In The Dirt. Het aanstekelijke Come On To Me, het ondeugende Fuh You, het fris akoestische Happy With You, het speelse Back In Brazil en het meeslepende Do It Now, het zijn weer van die typische McCartney oorwurmen. Eenmaal gehoord en je krijgt ze niet meer uit het hoofd. Despite Repeated Warnings is niet alleen politiek kritisch (Trump…) maar ook een krachtig monumentaal pre-slot van het album. Misschien is de grote muzikale gevarieerdheid niet ieders meug. Maar uit alles spreekt weer de energie en muzikale honger van een oneindig gelauwerd veteraan, die in alle toonsoorten die nog bij zijn huidige stembereik passen weigert de handdoek in de ring te gooien. Petje af en wederom een diepe buiging voor Sir Paul.

01 Opening station

02 I don't know

03 Come on to me

04 Happy with you

05 Who cares

06 Fuh you

07 Confidante

08 People want peace

09 Hand in hand

10 Dominoes

11 Back in Brazil

12 Do it now

13 Caesar rock

14 Despite repeated warnings

15 Station

16 Hunt you down/Naked/C-Link

17 Get started

18 Nothing for free


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Paul McCartney - Flowers in the dirt (2 cd's)

Paul McCartney

Flowers in the dirt

(2 cd's)


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Paul McCartney & Wings - Deluxe box - Lim.Ed. (3 cd-dvd en meer)

CD1 – Remastered Album

01. Mumbo
02. Bip Bop
03. Love Is Strange
04. Wild Life
05. Some People Never Know
06. I Am Your Singer
07. Bip Bop (Link)
08. Tomorrow
09. Dear Friend
10. Mumbo (Link)

CD2 – Rough Mixes

01. Mumbo [Rough Mix]
02. Bip Bop [Rough Mix]
03. Love Is Strange (Version) [Rough Mix]
04. Wild Life [Rough Mix]
05. Some People Never Know [Rough Mix]
06. I Am Your Singer [Rough Mix]
07. Tomorrow [Rough Mix]
08. Dear Friend [Rough Mix]

CD3 – Bonus

01. Good Rockin’ Tonight [Home Recording]
02. Bip Bop [Home Recording]
03. Hey Diddle [Home Recording]
04. She Got It Good [Home Recording]
05. I Am Your Singer [Home Recording]
06. Outtake I
07. Dear Friend [Home Recording I]
08. Dear Friend [Home Recording II]
09. Outtake II
10. Indeed I Do
11. When The Wind Is Blowing
12. The Great Cock And Seagull Race [Rough Mix]
13. Outtake III
14. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
16. Love Is Strange [Single Edit]
17. African Yeah Yeah

DVD – Bonus Video

01. Scotland, 1971
02. The Ball
03. ICA Rehearsals
04. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Rehearsal)

Plus 24bit 96kHz unlimited high-resolution audio download of the remastered album and bonus audio


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Paul McCartney & Wings - Red Rose Speedway - Deluxe Edition (3 cd-2 dvd-1 blu-ray en meer)

CD 1

  • 1:Big barn bed
  • 2:My love
  • 3:Get on the right thing
  • 4:One more kiss
  • 5:Little lamb dragonfly
  • 6:Single pigeon
  • 7:When the night
  • 8:Loup (1st indian on the moon)
  • 9:Medley: hold me tight/lazy dynamite/hands of love/power cut

CD 2

  • 1:Night out
  • 2:Get on the right thing
  • 3:Country dreamer
  • 4:Big barn bed
  • 5:My love
  • 6:Single pigeon
  • 7:When the night
  • 8:Seaside woman
  • 9:I lie around
  • 10:The mess [live at the hague]
  • 11:Best friend [live in antwerp]
  • 12:Loup (1st indian on the moon)
  • 13:Medley: hold me tight/lazy dynamite/hands of love/power cut
  • 14:Mama's little girl
  • 15:I would only smile
  • 16:One more kiss
  • 17:Tragedy
  • 18:Little lamb dragonfly

CD 3

  • 1:Mary had a little lamb
  • 2:Little woman love
  • 3:Hi, hi, hi
  • 4:C moon
  • 5:Live and let die
  • 6:Get on the right thing [early mix]
  • 7:Little lamb dragonfly [early mix]
  • 8:Little woman love [early mix]
  • 9:1882 [home recording]
  • 10:Big barn bed [rough mix]
  • 11:The mess
  • 12:Thank you darling
  • 13:Mary had a little lamb [rough mix]
  • 14:1882 [live in berlin]
  • 15:1882
  • 16:Jazz street
  • 17:Live and let die [group only, take 10]


  • 1:Music videos
  • 2:James Paul McCartney tv special 
  • 3:Live and let die [live in liverpool] 
  • 4:Newcastle interview


  • 1:The Bruce McMouse show


  • 1:The Bruce McMouse show


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Paul McCartney and Wings - Wild Life (2 cd's)


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Paul McCartney Flowers in the dirt Ltd. (3 cd-dvd)

Paul McCartney
Flowers in the dirt
(3 cd-dvd)


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Paul McCartney Pure McCartney (2 cd's)

Paul McCartney
Pure McCartney
(2 cd's)


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Paul Simon Stranger to stranger (cd)

Paul Simon
Stranger to stranger


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Peggy Lee - Ultimate collection - Original recordings (3 cd's)

CD 1

1.: Lady Is A Tramp 

2.: Too Young 

3.: Just One More Chance 

4.: Shangai 

5.: Let There Be Love 

6.: He's Just My Kind 

7.: I'm Confessin' 

8.: I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues 

9.: Oh What A Beautiful Morning 

10.: Love Is Just Around The Corner 

11.: September In The Rain 

12.: I'm Beginning To See The Light 

13.: Nice Work If You Can Get It 

14.: These Foolish Things 

15.: That Old Gang Of Mine 

16.: For Sentimental Reasons 

CD 2 

1.: Fever 

2.: Manana 

3.: Let's Do It 

4.: Stormy Weather 

5.: Summertime 

6.: Them There Eyes 

7.: That Old Feeling 

8.: Golden Earrings 

9.: There'll Be Some Changes Made 

10.: Somebody Loves Me 

11.: If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight 

12.: Where Or When 

13.: On The Sunny Side Of The Street 

14.: Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 

15.: 'Deed I Do 

16.: Way You Look Tonight 

17.: Why Don't You Do Right 

18.: My Old Flame 

19.: It's All Over Now 

20.: You Can Depend On Me 

21.: You Was Everything I Love 

22.: Bye Bye Blues 

23.: Chi Baba Chi Baba 

CD 3 

1.: He's A Tramp 

2.: Mr Wonderful 

3.: Lover 

4.: Baubles Bangles And Beads 

5.: Black Coffee 

6.: Johnny Guitar 

7.: You Go To My Head 

8.: They Can't Take That Away From Me 

9.: I've Got You Under My Skin 

10.: Sisters 

11.: Love You Didn't Do Right By Me 

12.: My Heart Belongs To Daddy 

13.: Sing A Rainbow 

14.: He Needs Me 

15.: Apples Peaches And Cherries 

16.: Sans Souci 

17.: Imagination 

18.: This Can't Be Love 

19.: You're Driving Me Crazy 

20.: Goody Goody 

21.: Bye Bye Blackbird 

22.: What's New


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Percossa Percussion (cd)

Percossa Percussion


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Percy Sledge - Platinum Collection (cd)

Alle tracks zijn LP versies!

  • 1:When a man loves a woman
  • 2:Warm and tender love
  • 3:It tears me up
  • 4:Try a little tenderness
  • 5:The dark end of the street
  • 6:Take time to know her
  • 7:True love travels on a gravel road
  • 8:Stop the world tonight
  • 9:It's all wrong but it's alright
  • 10:Out of left field 
  • 11:Cover me
  • 12:Put a little lovin' on me
  • 13:Love me like you mean it
  • 14:I'm hanging up my heart for you
  • 15:Bless your sweet little soul
  • 16:Sudden stop
  • 17:Drown in my own tears
  • 18:Kind woman
  • 19:Push mr. pride aside
  • 20:It can't be stopped
  • 21:Love me tender
  • 22:Rainbow road


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Percy Sledge - The best of (cd)

  • 1. When A Man Loves A Woman
  • 2. Out of left field
  • 3. Take time to know her
  • 4. Warm and tender love
  • 5. Just out of reach
  • 6. The Dark End Of The Street
  • 7. Cover me
  • 8. Sudden stop
  • 9. Baby help me
  • 10. It tears me up
  • 11. My special prayer
  • 12. You're All Around Me


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Percy Sledge - Warm and Tender Love - 17 Of His Best (cd)

  • 1. Warm and Tender Love
  • 2. It Tears Me Up
  • 3. Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
  • 4. My Girl
  • 5. Out of Left Field
  • 6. You're Gonna Love Yourself in the Morning
  • 7. Sudden Stop
  • 8. Why Me Lord
  • 9. Save Me for Last
  • 10. Do Me Baby
  • 11. That Didn't Hurt Too Bad
  • 12. All Night Rain
  • 13. Faithful Kind
  • 14. It's Good to Be Wanted Again
  • 15. I Still Miss Someone
  • 16. Mama Tried
  • 17. She Thinks I Still Care


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Peter Koelewijn - Mamma (cd single)

1 Mamma (Elisabeth)

(P. Koelewijn)


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Peter Koelewijn - The golden years of the Dutch pop music (2 cd's)

CD 1
Kom Van Dat Dak Af
De Hele Stad Is Gek En Dol
Veertig Rovers
Laat Me Los!
Ga, Peter, Ga
Doe Maar Net Alsof
Kom Op, Rocking!
Drink Er Een Van Mij
Hasta La Vista
24.000 Kussen
Dat Ben Ik
Yeah Man Twist
The Kangaroo
Doe, Caramba, De Bossanova
Speel Die Dans
Zweer Bij De Knop Van De Deur (Met The Savoy Jazz Men)
Jij Kost Me Teveel Money (Met The Savoy Jazz Men)
Geloof Maar Dat Ik Ren
Bel De Juiste Man
Ren Naar Hem
Denk Eens In
In Deze Nacht
Alleen Voor Mieke

CD 2
Kleine Vlinder
De Laatste Dans
Kom Van Dat Dak Af (1971 Versie)
Rock 'N Roll Groupie
Mij Oh Mij
De Hele Stad Is Gek En Dol (1972 Versie)
De Wolf
Koekie Met Dat Blauw Witte Vest
Dieper (Dan Een Pijl Kan Gaan)
Angeline (M'N Blonde Sexmachine)
Allemaal Omhoog, Allemaal Omlaag
Prima Donna
Je Wordt Ouder Pappa
Kl 204 (Als Ik God Was)