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Jan Akkerman - Complete Akkerman Boxset met 26 cd's

Al meer dan 50 jaar is Jan Akkerman een van de beste en bekendste  gitaristen van Nederland. Naast een bepalende rol in wereldwijd bekende  bands als Focus en Brainbox heeft hij ook gewerkt met artiesten als B.B.  King, Charlie Byrd, Cozy Powell, Claus Ogerman & Ice-T. Op zijn  solo-platen laat Akkerman zijn creativiteit de vrije loop en combineert  hij met gemak Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classics & Dance terwijl zijn  karakteristieke sound altijd herkenbaar blijft. In deze boxset zijn al  zijn studio-albums verzameld, naast de belangrijkste live-opnamen, zijn  persoonlijke Focus-favorieten en een album met zeldzaam en niet eerder  uitgebracht materiaal.

CD 1 - Talent For Sale (1968)
Bags Groove
Revival of the Cat
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
On the Green Light
What'd I Say
Slim Jenkin's Place
Green Onions
Ode To Billy Joe
Comin' Home Baby

CD 2 - Profile (1972)
Fresh Air
Kemps Jig
Blue Boy
Andante Sostenuto
Maybe Just a Dream
Minstrel / Farmers Dance

CD 3 - Tabernakel (1973)
Britannia By John Dowland
Coranto For Mrs. Murcott By Francis Pilkington
The Earl of Derby, His Galliard By John Dowland
House of the King
A Galliard By Anthonie Holborne
A Galliard By John Dowland
A Pavan By Thomas Morley
A Fantasy By Laurencini of Rome

CD 4 - Eli/Transparental (1976/1980)
Guardian Angel
Can't Fake a Good Time
There He Still Goes
Wings of Strings
Naked Actress
Concentrate, Don't Hesitate
I Don't Take It Much Longer
You're Not the Type
The Party is Over

CD 5 - Jan Akkerman (1977)
Angel Watch
Gate To Europe

CD 6 - Prism (1977)
The Offering
Blues Blues Blues and Then Some More Blues
Under the Bo Tree

CD 7 - Aranjuez (1978)
Adagio From 'Concierto De Aranjuez'
Mondinha (Preludio)
Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte
Love Remembered
The Seed of God (From 'Magdalena')
Bachinanas Brasileiras No.5

CD 8 - Live (1978)

CD 9 - Jan Akkerman 3 (1979)
Stingray (Get Up With That)
Wait and See
She's So Divine
Funk Me
This is the One
Time Out of Mind.

CD 10 - Oil In The Family (1981)
Oil In the Family
Formula N-One
No Doubt About It
Family Reprise
Blue In the Shadow

CD 11 - Pleasure Point (1982)
Heavy Pleasure
Cool In the Shadow
Visions of Blue
Bird Island
Atlantean Dew
Laurie's Dance
Angel Blue
35 Seconds
Waterfalls of Eden
Terra Pax?!
Guilty By Association
Communion & Procession
Near Odessa
Anne Mia

CD 12 - It Could Happen To You (1982)
Old Tennis Shoes
Come Closer
Funkology (Baby Start - One Way - Free)
It Could Happen To You (Free Together)

CD 13 - Can't Stand Noise (1983)
Everything Must Change
Back To the Factory
Journey (A Real Elegant Gipsy)
Heavy Treasure
Just Because
Who Knows
Burger's Blues (Intro)
Prima Donna
Sketches of Pleasure

CD 14 - From The Basement (1984)
All Along the Watchtower
Dark Rose
Wallenberg (Dedicated To Raoul Wallenberg)
From the Basement
P.C.B. Chicken
Status Quo
She Let Me Do What I Want
Blues From the Tews
Cherubim & Sepharim
She Can't Say Don't
Part 1 - Took Her To Locronan
Part 2 - Then Rollright Stones (the Tews)
No More Parking
When I Was a Cocktail In a Waitress Bar
Ellington's Way

CD 15 - Heartware (1987)
My Pleasure
Just Because, So!
Lost & Found
Winterborn, Lyric
Lonely Street of Dreams
Apollo's Mask
Dancing In Chains (Not S.M.)
Dompteuse Du Serpent
Fire From Heaven
Almost Dawn
Agony & Ecstasy

CD 16 - The Noise Of Art (1990)
Trojan Horse
You Can't Keep a Bad Man Up
Shame On You
Having Fun
Prima Donna
Prelude: Friends Always
Akkerman's Sombrero
My Pleasure
Quiet Storm

CD 17 - Puccini's cafe (1993)
Burger's Blues
Your Eyes In the Whiskey
Spanish Roads
Key To the Highway
It Comes and Goes
Blue Train
Love is Uneven
Puccini's Cafe

CD 18 - Blues Hearts (1994)
Wake Up!
Blues Route '94
Red Pool House Blues
No Gossip
Virgin Mary
Traffic Jam
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Soft Focus

CD 19 - Focus In Time (1996)
Home Voyage: Intro
Home Voyage: Where Would I Be
Home Voyage: I'll Make It Up To You
Home Voyage: Extro
Nail the Snake
Apres Un Reve
Am I Losing You
On the Table
Laurie Anne
Leading Me There
I'll Find My Own Way Home

CD 20 - 10.000 Clowns On A Rainy Day CD 1 (1997)
Intro (10.000 Clowns)
Puccini's Cafe
Focus 2
Pre Madonna
Virgin Mary
Soft Focus
No Hang Ups

CD 21 - 10.000 Clowns On A Rainy Day CD 2 (1997)
On the Table
Am I Losing You
Wake Up
Focus 3
Pool House
Quiet Storm

CD 22 - Passion (1999)
Suite 1
Suite 2
Mon Amour
Classic Gaz / Gate To Europe
Fellini's Restaurant
Countess of Pembrooks Paradise
Muy Linda
The Knight of the Lute
Whispering / Liebestraum

CD 23 - C.U. (2003)
See You
In Between the Sheets
I'm In the Mood
Dance the Blues Away
Slow Man

CD 24 - Minor Details (2011)
Free Wheeling
Big Sir
Dinner Time
Love Train
Blind Baby
Minor Details
Fernando's Minibar
Kharmah Chantalah
Searching For Angela
As Long As You're Near
San Frisky
The Arrogant Frogs
Mena Muria

CD 25 - My Focus (2018)
Melody In F Rock
Russian Spy and I
Down Man
House of the King
Le Clochard
Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!
Love Remembered
Elspeth of Nottingham
Hocus Pocus (Live)
Out of Vesuvius
Hamburger Concerto (Starter - Rare- Medium I - Medium Ii - W

CD 26 - Akkerarchives (2018)
Crackers - Demo
Angel Watch - Demo
Azimuth - Demo
Stingray (Get Up With That) - Demo
A Family In the Oil
Come Closer Demo
General Buckshot & the Blues Waffe
Yoyo Working
Song For the Millennium
Plaisier D'amour
Anonymous 4 Blues
She's Gone
Payin' For It Now


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Jan Akkerman - The golden years of Dutch pop music (2 cd's)

CD 1

01 Johnny and His Cellar Rockers - Exodus

02 Johnny and His Cellar Rockers - Blue tango

03 The Hunters - It ain’t me babe

04 The Hunters - Russian spy and I

05 The Hunters - Janosh (and his big white poodle)

06 The Hunters - Lost money

07 Brainbox - Down man

08 Brainbox - Sea of delight

09 Brainbox - Summertime

10 Focus - Hocus pocus US single version

11 Focus - Sylvia

12 Blue boy

13 Minstrel/Farmers dance

14 House of the King

15 Javeh

16 Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - There he still goes

17 Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - Can’t fake a good time

18 Crackers

19 Wings of strings

20 She’s so divine

21 Skydancer

22 A child’s fantasy

23 Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - I don’t take it much longer

CD 2

01 Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - Inspiration

02 Oil in the family (fuel)

03 Oil in the family (crude)

04 No doubt about it

05 Blue in the shadow

06 Piétons

07 Just because

08 All along the watchtower special edit

09 Wallenberg

10 Dark rose

11 Jan Akkerman & Thijs van Leer - Beethoven’s revenge (Bach-one-turbo-overdrive) part 1

12 Jan Akkerman & Thijs van Leer - Who’s calling part 1

13 Trojan horse

14 Prima donna edit

15 Shame on you

16 Key to the highway edit

17 Where’s mah horse?

18 Albatross

19 Love is uneven edit


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Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux Eli (cd)

01 Eli

02 Guardian angel

03 Tranquillizer

04 Can‘t fake a good time

05 There he still goes

06 Strindberg

07 Wings of strings

08 Naked actress

09 Fairytail


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Jan Akkerman Jan Akkerman (cd)

Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman


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Jan Keizer Going back in time II (cd)

Jan Keizer
Going back in time II


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Jan Rietman & Friends - Live in concert


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Jan Terhell Welcome to my world (cd)

Jan Terhell
Welcome to my world


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Janis Joplin - Good girls to heaven, bad ones to everywhere -Lim. ed. (cd)


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Janiva Magness Band - My bad luck soul (cd)

  • 1. My Bad Luck Soul
  • 2. Tears of Joy
  • 3. What's the Matter with the Mill?
  • 4. Empty Bed Blues
  • 5. Take a Number
  • 6. She Never Gets a Minute of Sleep
  • 7. Mojo Boogie
  • 8. It's Love Baby (Twenty Four Hours a Day)
  • 9. I Wanna Know
  • 10. Happy Hour
  • 11. Baby, Baby Every Night
  • 12. She's a Little It Much
  • 13. Billie's Blues
  • 14. Seven Long Days


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Jarrod Dickenson - Under a Texas sky (cd single)

  • 1. Uptown - (Roy Orbison * Vernon)
  • 2. Try Me - (Esther Phillips * Galveston)
  • 3. Seven Spanish Angels - (Willie Nelson * Abbott)
  • 4. I'm Glad for Your Sake (But Sorry for Mine) - (Doug Sahm * San Antonio)
  • 5. Dublin Blues - (Guy Clark * Monahans)


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Jay Coster & Tanya Absence makes the heart .... (cd)

Jay Coster & Tanya
Absence makes the
heart ....


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Jay McShann - Hootie blues (cd)

  • 1. Confessin' The Blues
  • 2. Yes, Sir That's My Baby?
  • 3. When The Lights Go Out
  • 4. Hootie Blues
  • 5. My Chile
  • 6. I'll Catch The Sun
  • 7. All Of Me
  • 8. 'Deed I Do
  • 9. Bonus Track (after 2 minutes) Jay McShann Interview


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Jazz Legends (cd)


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Jazz Vocalists - North Sea Jazz (5 cd's)


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Jeff Healey - The best of the stony plain years (cd)

  • 1. Three Little Words
  • 2. The Wild Cat
  • 3. Star Dust
  • 4. Sheik Of Araby
  • 5. Guitar Duet Stomp
  • 6. Sing You Sinners
  • 7. I Would Do Anything For You
  • 8. Pardon My Southern Accent
  • 9. Some Of These Days
  • 10. My Honey's Loving Arms
  • 11. Hong Kong Blues
  • 12. Sweet Georgia Brown


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Jeff Healey Band - Live at The Cotton Club Atlanta '88 (cd)

  • 1:The better it gets
  • 2:Further on up the road
  • 3:My little girl
  • 4:Blue jean blues
  • 5:Confidence man
  • 6:I need to be loved
  • 7:White room
  • 8:See the light
  • 9:Hideaway
  • 10:All along the watchtower


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Jeff Lynne's ELO - Alone in the universe (cd)

  • 1. When I was a boy
  • 2. Love and rain
  • 3. Dirty to the bone
  • 4. When the night comes
  • 5. The sun will shine on you
  • 6. Ain't it a drag
  • 7. All my life
  • 8. I'm leaving you
  • 9. One step at a time
  • 10. Alone in the universe
  • 11. Fault line
  • 12. Blue


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Jeroen van der Boom - Jij bent zo (2 cd's)


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Jeroen van der Boom - Verder (cd)

  • 1:Dat weet je
  • 2:Schreeuw in de woestijn
  • 3:Verder
  • 4:Veel te veel
  • 5:Weer geloven
  • 6:Hou je nog wel van mij
  • 7:Alles min 1
  • 8:Ik ga voor jou
  • 9:Wacht op mij
  • 10:Eeuwig wachten
  • 11:10 over 10
  • 12:Zo mooi als jij
  • 13:Hoe lang nog
  • 14:Geloof in mij


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Jerry Garcia Old & In The Way - Live At The Record Plant Sausalito (cd)

  • 1:(end of) going to the races
  • 2:Willow garden
  • 3:Kate hill
  • 4:'til the end of the world rolls around
  • 5:Panama red
  • 6:Hard hearted heart breaker
  • 7:Bonaparte's retreat (soldier's joy)
  • 8:Wild horses
  • 9:Lost in a world without you
  • 10:Knockin' on your door
  • 11:Lonesome la cowboy
  • 12:Fanny hill
  • 13:White dove
  • 14:Land of the navajo
  • 15:The blue mule