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Billie Holiday (5 cd's)

Van de serie "Timeless Classic Albums"


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Billie Holiday Night and day Music Mirror (cd)

Billie Holiday
Night and day
Music Mirror


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Billy Boy Arnold - The Blues Soul of (cd)

  • 1. Coal man
  • 2. I'd rather drink muddy water
  • 3. You give me nothing to go on
  • 4. 99 lbs.
  • 5. A mother's prayer
  • 6. St. james infirmary
  • 7. Don't set me free
  • 8. What's on the menu mama
  • 9. Worried dream
  • 10. Nadine (is it you?)
  • 11. Work song
  • 12. Dance for me baby
  • 13. Ain't that just like a woman
  • 14. Keep on rubbing


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Billy Ray Cyrus The best of Cover to cover (cd)

Billy Ray Cyrus
The best of
Cover to cover


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Bintangs - It's a nightmare (cd)

Nederland's oudste band in samenwerking met 1 van Nederland's jongste labels.

Nieuw werk van Bintangs! Meer dan 50 jaar in het vak, maar nog steeds speelt Frank Kraaijeveld met passie. Dat is te horen op de eerste drie nummers van het nieuwe album "It's A Nightmare". Bintangs maakte dit jaar een nieuwe frisse start, back to basics. Openend met de title track "It's A Nightmare", gevolgd door het gevoelige "Outskirts of Town" en "Kick Kick Kick" als derde nieuwe nummer.

De formatie voor deze nummers bestaat uit: Frank Kraaijeveld, Marco Nicola, Dagomar Jansen, Burt van der Mey.

Verder bevat dit album niet eerder uitgebracht materiaal van Bintangs door de jaren heen en dus in hun diverse bezettingen.

Het vierde nummer "Burning Love" opgenomen in 2007 voor de CD bij het boek "Elvis In Nederland". Een ode aan de oude Bintangs bezettingen. Met Gerben Ibelings, Maarten Ibelings, Dagomar Jansen, Frank Kraaijeveld en Jan Wijte.

"Wait", "Met You On A Saturday" en "It Wasn't Me", live opgenomen in 1983 in Andijk. Gus Pleines, Harry Schierbeek, Frank Kraaijeveld, Jack van Schie en als gast Jan Paul van der Meij.

"Heroes of Hype", "Waterfall of teardrops", "Exciting Accident", "Shut Your Face" en "The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat". Live registratie uit 2002 van hun optreden in de Oosterpoort te Groningen voor KRO's Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival. Gus Pleines, Kees Brouwer, Frank Kraaijeveld, Jack van Schie en Jan Wijte.

  • 1. It's A Nightmare
  • 2. Outskirts Of Town
  • 3. Kick Kick Kick
  • 4. Burning Love
  • 5. Wait
  • 6. Met You On A Saturday
  • 7. It Wasn't Me
  • 8. Heroes Of Hype
  • 9. Waterfall Of Teardrops 
  • 10. Exciting Accident
  • 11. Shut Your Face
  • 12. The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat


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Bintangs - The golden years of Dutch pop music (2 cd's)

CD 1

01 You can’t judge a book by the cover

02 I’m a man

03 Walkin’ the boogie

04 Groovin’

05 Splendid sight (Glaciation world)

06 $60 Boss

07 Pileworks

08 See me waiting

09 Please do listen

10 No blame

11 Smokestack lightning

12 Blues on the ceiling

13 Ridin’ on the L & N

14 Down south blues

15 Travelling in the USA

16 Hound is on the run

17 He didn’t wanna go home

18 The dying of Mr. Fernandez

19 Lion tamer

20 Too much

21 I’m on my own again

22 Demons

23 The bride

24 Hold it Susie/Juvenile junk

25 Hello goodbye

CD 2

01 You got love

02 We’re gonna make it

03 Well then it’s alright

04 Hey dupes

05 Blue funk

06 Wait

07 I been hoodood

08 Open and busted

09 Insight inside out

10 Mush mouth Milly

11 Big black tank

12 Snake in the grass

13 Floating

14 Let me pass

15 Tequilla

16 Rock the socks out of your shoes

17 Friday night’s all gone

18 Air travel

19 Don’t stop

20 Rosemary Nymphet

21 Sorry Jim

22 It’s all in my room

23 Nightfighter


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Bintangs Alright alright (cd)

Alright alright


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Bintangs Doc (cd)



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Bintangs Fifty fifty (cd-dvd)

Fifty fifty


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Bintangs Fire iron (cd)

Fire iron


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Bintangs Genuine Bull Deluxe Edition (cd)

Genuine Bull
Deluxe Edition


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Bintangs La femme sans tête (cd)


La femme sans tête



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Bintangs Night-fighter/Mickey Finn 2 LP's op 1 CD (cd)

CD 1

01 Snake in the grass

02 Screen struck

03 Mohair Sam

04 Met you on a Saturday

05 Rockinitis

06 The Lord’s night-fighter

07 Let me pass

08 Never never

09 Cross-eyed Mary-Jane

10 Lonely lonely

11 Mainliner

CD 2

01 Rock the socks out of your shoes

02 Sweet savage love

03 Murder

04 Got my X on you

05 Debbie-die

06 Lora-Lady

07 Go make sail

08 Mickey Finn

09 Beat-it

10 Some love song

11 If it can go wrong it will


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Black & Blue (cd)

  • 1. The Call
  • 2. Shape Of My Heart
  • 3. Get Another Boyfriend
  • 4. Shining Star
  • 5. I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
  • 6. The Answer To Our Life
  • 7. Everyone
  • 8. More Than That
  • 9. Time
  • 10. Not For Me
  • 11. Yes I Will
  • 12. It's True
  • 13. How Did I Fall In Love With You


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Blondie The Old Waldorf Early and late shows (2 cd's)

The Old Waldorf
Early and late shows
(2 cd's)


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Bløf In het midden van LTD (cd-dvd)

In het midden van


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Blue Beat - Singles Vol.1 Bb1-Bb72 (6 cd's)


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Blue Diamonds - The golden years of Dutch pop music (2 cd's)

CD 1

01 (Till) I kissed you

02 I’m gonna get married

03 Oh Carol

04 We’ve got love

05 Pretty blue eyes

06 Let it be me

07 Cathy’s clown

08 Stairway to heaven

09 Ramona

10 All of me

11 Silent night, holy night

12 Mary’s boys child

13 White Christmas

14 Winter wonderland

15 Always

16 Near you

17 Have I told you lately that I love you

18 Down by the riverside

19 Save the last dance for me

20 In a little Spanish town

21 I’m forever blowing bubbles

22 Little ship

23 Jealousy

24 Red sails in the sunset

25 Carmen my love

26 Rio nights

27 When day is done

28 Dream baby

29 Medley:

Old soldiers never die

Pack up your troubles

In your old kit bag

And smile, smile smile

It’s a long way to Tipperary

30 Medley:

John Brown (John Brown’s body)

She’ll be comin’

Round the mountain

Marching along together

CD 2

01 Lilli Marlene

02 Red river rose

03 Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

04 The shepherds watched their flocks by night

05 Jingle bells

06 Christmasday is coming

07 Lady sunshine und mister moon

08 Angelina, lass das weinen

09 Warmed over kisses

10 Baby face

11 Alice in wonderland

12 Bye bye Lola

13 (Everybody loves) Saturday night

14 You are my sunshine

15 Baluba, oh Baluba

16 My sunny sunshine

17 Sukiyaki

18 Summer love

19 Hey ba-ba-re-bop

20 Up above my head

21 Rag mop

22 Yes tonight Josephine

23 Show me the way to go home

24 Banana boat song

25 Mona

26 Als sterren flonk’rend aan de hemel staan

27 Tokio geisha

28 Banjo-boy und banjo-girl

29 Kiddy kiddy kiss me met Karin Kent

30 Wie wie wie met Karin Kent


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Blue Tape Band - Be rare! (cd)


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Blues and Gospel Bandera (cd)

Blues and Gospel