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Evert Nieuwstede Urban Heroes: 40 Years of R&R (2 cd's)

CD 1
Evert Nieuwstede: Singer/songwriter-Urban Heroes
01 Get it
02 Not another worldwar
03 Headlines
04 Johnny Runaway
05 Habadaba Riwikidi
06 The human race
07 Yellow creatures in the night
08 We are Urban Heroes/Live
09 Saturdaynights in Peking/Live
10 No more solidarities
11 In the river to my heart
12 Never change a winning team
13 Total rest

Evert Nieuwstede: Singer/songwriter-Other acts
14 Shelter skelter: She’s a Queen
15 Michael Marbeau: Love me everywhere
16 Michael Marbeau: We’re on the radio
17 Two for a change: House of the happy people
18 Boom Boom Mancini: Red skies
19 Boom Boom Mancini: Into the line of fire
20 City and state: In America/Part 1

CD 2
Evert Nieuwstede: Singer/Songwriter-Urban Heroes
21 Girls
22 Talk dirty to me
23 Let it all come
24 Selling yesterday
25 Hot piece of merchandise
26 In the name of love
27 Love perfection
28 Kill the killer
29 Hot tub
30 She’ll be back for more

Evert Nieuwstede: Singer/Songwriter-Other acts
31 Johnny Runaway: Welcome to heartache city
32 Johnny Runaway & Joke: The sun my love
33 Rutger Hauer’s Starfish: Babies

Evert Nieuwstede: Producer/Arranger-Other acts
34 Three Alley Cats: Yeah yeah yeah!
35 Backbone: I do like you
36 Bodhi: Seasong
37 Busted: Blah blah blah!
38 Busted: We want more!
39 Weever: Talk to me
40 Hijack Charlie: Sucker for your love


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